Watch Top Chefs James Franco and Seth Rogen Cook Korean BBQ


‘Tis the season for James Franco and Seth Rogen to promote a new movie, The Interview. So the duo appeared on the YouTube cooking series “Epic Meal Time” to make an intricate dish of Korean BBQ lasagna. Yum.

Franco and Rogen hijacked the show from its hosts and then prepped the layers of lasagna by making (of course they totally cooked everything themselves) various Korean dishes. Says People:

With the pair’s much-discussed film The Interview, which deals with the possible assassination of North Korea’s King Jong-un, coming out this month, Korean food is certainly a timely topic.

Not really. [Necessary fact, though: Korean BBQ is in my top-five favorite cuisines.] Franco says, “You know the difference between regular barbecue and Korean barbecue? Korean barbecue has more … Seoul.

This lasagna contains, among other things: kimchi fries, noodles and bacon (Watch Rogen complete a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon in the process), pancakes and pork belly. “Kimchi Noodles would be a dope ass name for a little dog or something,” says Rogen, accurately.

The massive feast totals 33,083 calories and has enough fat content to drown your sorrows in, and yes they really ate it.

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