We Can Now Give Ourselves Fake Freckles Because We Are Masters of Our Destiny

In Depth

When I learned about Freck Yourself, a Kickstarter-funded beauty product which promises semipermanent freckles at any time of year, I wanted to be like, “Haha, wow, lame.” But I couldn’t, because I look very adorable with freckles.

The funding page notes that artificial freckles are tricky to convincingly achieve because of the random pattern and variation in sizing of each unique freckle patch. So, they give you some options:

The kit comes with 72 self-adhesive stencils and a roller ball of formula that is similar in formulation to sunless tanner. The freckle patterns look natural and last 2 days. Users who apply Freck Yourself every morning have several layers of faded frecks, which produces incredibly realistic results for four to six weeks.

“We want to give people the option to have freckles forever, but not forever to the point that they get them tattooed,” founder Remi Brixton told Mashable.

“Freck Yourself as a brand wants to be the champion no-makeup makeup brand. We’ve perfected the art of appearing as though you’ve rolled out of bed looking like a million bucks, but it does take work to look like ‘you woke up like this,’ and we want to share that with the world.”

A beautiful thought.

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Image via Freck Yourself/Kickstarter.

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