We Might Have a Cure for Cat Allergies Soon


Worried about dying alone? Turn that frown upside down because you might be able to get a cat to eat your still-fresh corpse, after all!

A team of researchers at Cambridge University have isolated the protein in cat dander that combines with histamines in the human body to cause allergic reactions. They believe they’re just five years away from a pill or inhaler that could make cuddling with mountains upon mountains of cats possible.

According to lead scientist/probable cat lady Dr. Clare Bryant:

When cats lick themselves they spread saliva, hormones and skin cells on to their coat. When the hair falls out, it is proteins in this dandruff stuck on their fur that people are allergic to. How cat dander causes such a severe allergic reaction in some people has long been a mystery. This is the first time we have discovered the process that leads to the allergic reaction. It opens up a whole new type of drug to treat it.

And this isn’t even just about cats — if you’re fiending for a fido in your life, dog versions should be available, too. To the pound! Let’s adopt all the animals!


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