We Really Don't Want To Know About Kelsey Grammer's "Twisted Sexual Appetites"


“Some” say Camille Grammer is going to release an incriminating sex tape. This is all very confusing. Sure, she may want to humiliate a cheating ex, but wouldn’t she…humiliate herself in the process?

Leaving aside the fact that the words “Kelsey Grammer” and “sex tape” are an unholy union and that people would probably pay to have this alleged tape repressed, what gives? Well as some “source” tells Star,

Camille has quite a bit of footage of Kelsey in some very compromising positions. If it gets out it’ll be clear just how twisted his sexual appetite is. Camille likes to remind Kelsey all the time that she has dirt on him. And she’s so upset over him dumping her for young flight attendant Kayte Walsh last summer….She’s been dropping plenty of hints she’s ready and willing to embarrass him if he doesn’t give her a huge alimony payment. The sex tapes are the perfect way! …She wants a ton of money in the settlement. If she doesn’t get what she wants from Kelsey, I think she’ll leak the sex tapes through a friend and then feign outrage. Besides, I think she would secretly be proud of how gorgeous her body was back then and how hot she still is.

Can we get an “ew?” While it’s true that Camille has posed for Playboy and logged some time in porn — so perhaps her nudity threshold is somewhat higher than that of the average bear — will no one think of the children? Then again, she’s already a Real Housewife on a notoriously dull iteration, so maybe it’s a little late for questions of shame. The only good thing about such a revelation is that it would, perhaps, banish from our brains the specter of the randy King of Sweden, post-elk hunt.

Kelsey Grammer’s Sex Tape, Camille’s Revenge Weapon
! [Why Fame]

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