We Regret to Inform You Chrissy Teigen Is At It Again

Teigen recently hosted a Squid Game-themed party, which featured a coterie of wealthy celebrity guests cosplaying as poor people.

We Regret to Inform You Chrissy Teigen Is At It Again
Photo:Alberto Rodriguez (Getty Images)

In what can only really be described as the latest installment of Chrissy Teigen’s campaign of internet self-destruction, the Cravings author and self-declared member of the “cancelled” club hosted an elaborate Squid Game-themed bash over the weekend. The wildly popular Netflix series, you’ll recall, is a K-drama in which hundreds of the most desperately debt-saddled and impoverished members of society fight to the death for a chance at about $40 million US dollars, all for the entertainment of an audience of exorbitantly wealthy, masked “VIPs.”

And because life must always imitate art, Teigen and her husband, John Legend, teamed up with the party planners at Wife of the Party to decorate their home like the set of the titular squid games in the show, featuring its signature maze staircase, bunk beds, opulent money-stuffed piggy bank, and other paraphernalia. Servers at the party passed out food and drinks to guests dressed in the iconic, bright pink jumpsuits and masks of the horrendously exploited guards in Squid Game.

Teigen and Legend also dressed in theme for their roles as hosts — Teigen as the iconic, towering “red light, green light” doll from the first episode, who shoots dead any of the (again) impoverished contestants who lose the game, and Legend as an elaborately masked VIP.

But the party wasn’t just a party. Guests appeared to play the roles of Squid Game contestants, in what Teigen described ​​on her Instagram as “watching my friends fight to the death!,” for a chance at the prize: a flight to Napa and dinner for two at French Laundry. The games at the party, per Teigen’s Instagram post, included “dunk tank, musical chairs, hide and seek followed by a very riveting final game of pin the tail on the donkey.”

The party was reportedly a star-studded affair, with guests like Shay Mitchell and Jesse Tyler Ferguson in attendance. And oddly enough, no one seemed too self-conscious or ashamed to post about the party on Instagram:

Of course, Teigen and her wealthy guests are actually a lot more like Squid Game’s VIPs than the show’s contestants, many of whom are so deeply entrapped in debt that they’re willing to risk gruesome death for a miniscule chance at a fortune. You’d think by now that Teigen — who’s spent the better part of the past few years complaining about mean Twitter users for bullying her for attempting to be relatable while owning a $17.5 million home — would know better than to throw a costume party for rich celebrity guests to pose as poor people.

Well before Teigen was, for at least a few weeks, driven from the internet when revelations about her cyberbullying of Courtney Stodden in the early 2010s surfaced in May, she frequently faced backlash for a range of tone-deaf tweets. For instance, she joked about her mom’s use of $159 AirPods as “disposable” — notably just weeks before raving about the movie Parasite — and shared the story of when she casually, accidentally bought a $13,000 bottle of wine at dinner as if it were a super relatable anedote.

If I were Teigen, after receiving all that glaring feedback, I might do a bit of self-reflection and go through more pains to not be so out of touch, or at least not so publicly. But alas, there’s only so much cyberbullying can accomplish when its recipients fundamentally lack self-awareness.

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