We Remembered Some Things About Friends Just in Time for the 25th Anniversary

We Remembered Some Things About Friends Just in Time for the 25th Anniversary
Illustration:Elena Scotti (Photos: NBC, Getty Images)

Twenty five years ago, on September 22, 1994, NBC premiered a sitcom about a group of surly, sarcastic, idealistic friends who are also roommates and often lovers (an idea that was said to be secretly inspired by Living Single). Successful in its run, Friends served as a blueprint for decades of network shows about pithy twenty- and thirty-something friends who live and date together (New Girl, Happy Endings, How I Met Your Mother), and it will never be forgotten, no matter how much you may try. To celebrate the show’s 25th lap around the Earth and add to the Friends anniversary discourse, the Jezebel staff decided to remember a few things about Friends. Here they are.

  • The monkey
  • Chandler smoked
  • Phoebe had a really mean twin
  • Joey tried to be an actor
  • The Rachel haircut
  • Chandler’s third nipple
  • The French poster in Monica and Rachel’s apartment
  • Chandler and Joey’s apartment was wildly different than Rachel and Monica’s, in the same building
  • Monica got a turkey stuck on her head
  • Ross had really white teeth for a minute
  • Ross saw Monica and Chandler fuck from his apartment window
  • Chandler was annoying
  • Rachel worked at Bloomingdales
  • Fat Monica seemed bad
  • Monica dated a guy with a mustache for a while, but he didn’t want babies so they broke up or something
  • Ross dated a black chick once (played by Aisha Tyler)
  • “We were on a break!”
  • “Supposably”
  • Something about Monica’s dishes? And them breaking?
  • Ross’s son went away
  • Also, Ross’ son is now Jughead on Riverdale
  • They had one box of condoms, and there was an episode where only one was left and a fight ensued over who got to have sex
  • Gunther’s unrequited love for Rachel
  • Ross sucked
  • The episode where they played football on Thanksgiving
  • Rachel and Ross had a baby named Emma
  • Joey wanted to raise Rachel’s child with Ross
  • Monica was a chef
  • The couch in the coffee shop was an unrealistic layout
  • Ross wore an armadillo suit once
  • Jon Favreau played one of Monica’s boyfriends
  • Wasn’t Brad Pitt on this show?
  • Ross called his would-be wife Emily “Rachel” at the altar
  • Seinfeld was better

Anything else we forgot to remember?

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