We Tried to Dance Like Some Football Guys


Everyone knows that the most important part of football is the dancing. Wanting a piece of the joy that large football men feel upon landing a touchdown in the end zone (?), three Jezebel staffers—Frida Garza, Prachi Gupta, and Esther Wang—decided to imitate some of their choreography.

As a former dance teacher, my take is that these dances are wonderful and a delight! But I don’t know anything about the sport in which they occurred, so I asked Deadspin staffer and football knower Tom Ley for his opinion, too: “I most appreciated Esther’s inspired interpretation of the Ray Lewis dance, because she brought chill vibes to one of the most objectively ostentatious dances in history,” said Ley. “Prachi did a really good job at dancing like Cam Newton, and effortlessly captured his self-confidence. Frida clearly practiced hard, which I appreciated, and it paid off in the precision of her Jacoby Jones dance.” I commend these players and staffers for their enthusiasm in the face of victory!

Senior Producer: Kiran Chitanvis. Associate Producer: Kayra Clouden. Producer: Jorge Corona. Creative Producer: Joon Chung.

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