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Spam: It’s is a fact of email life. Viagra, Nigerian princes, scary virus links — you’ve seen them all. But wouldn’t be nice, for a change, if that Spam came from your favorite blog? Well, good news.

Why sift through endless crap from oddball domain-name registrars and penis-pump purveyors when you could be sifting through emails from Jezebel? That’s what we thought. And you’re in luck, because Jezebel has an email newsletter. Our trusty editors will send you our favorite story of the day; just a single story, a single email, a single moment of fulfillment in your otherwise empty day. Think of it like a sweet and soft bundle of joy, minus the diapers.

So have you signed up yet? Because you should. Not because we’re going to give out your email to third parties — we will never, in fact — but because we want to reach out to you. We want to connect, personally, with each and every snowflake on the internet. Let go, and let us in your inbox.

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