Weinstein Accusers Send Open Letter to New York Attorney General for Supporting Unfair Settlement

Weinstein Accusers Send Open Letter to New York Attorney General for Supporting Unfair Settlement

Seven of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers have sent an open letter to New York Attorney General Tish James, imploring her to reconsider backing a proposal that would mean a significantly smaller than expected settlement for his victims.

The letter, written by Zoë Brock, Alexandra Canosa, Rowena Chiu, Wedil David, Dominique Huett, Zelda Perkins and Kaja Sokola and published to Medium, asks James to rethink supporting a global civil settlement that would leave each of Weinstein’s hundred accusers with much less than they originally thought.

“The settlement is insulting to all of the survivors in that it represents a small fraction of what should be paid by Mr. Weinstein, his former directors and officers, and large multi-billion dollar insurance companies,” the letter reads, adding that under the agreement, a large percentage of the settlement originally intended for the victims would instead be used to pay Weinstein’s legal fees, as well as those of his brother, Robert, and the other board members of the Weinstein Company.

More insultingly, neither Weinstein nor any of the other defendants will have to pay a cent of their own money to the settlement, with those expenses being paid out by the Weinstein Company’s insurance.

“Taking money out of the victims’ fund to pay for defense costs under these circumstances is downright offensive and we are genuinely shocked that you would permit this to happen,” the letter says.

More than $12 million of the settlement will go to the legal costs for Weinsteins and the board of directors. Board members would also be protected from future cases, and the accusers would also drop their claims. Weinstein is expected to file for personal bankruptcy soon.

“You have spent your career defending the weak over the powerful and fought on behalf of the innocent,” the letter reads. “We implore you to personally intervene to ensure that a fair settlement is reached in which all victims are afforded the level of justice and dignity they deserve.”

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