Soon-to-Be-Parents Hailey and Justin Address Internet That’s Always Mad at Them

The couple shared new photos on a trip to Japan together, and Justin unsubtly captioned his Instagram, "They wish baby, they wish."

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Soon-to-Be-Parents Hailey and Justin Address Internet That’s Always Mad at Them

What a time to be alive—Justin Bieber, the collective crush of little girls everywhere in the late 2000s and early 2010s, is on the verge of procreating with his age-appropriate wife Hailey Bieber. And in the early hours of Friday morning, Justin posted a carousel of photos of the couple on vacation in Japan, with Hailey wearing a crop top showing off her bare baby bump, captioned, “They wish baby, they wish.” ???? It’s possible there’s no deeper meaning to this line—or, it’s a smug response to the couple’s usual legions of internet haters who have been having a real tough one since the couple announced their pregnancy earlier this month. A little earlier, on Thursday, Hailey shared an Instagram reel of Ratatouille‘s Remy eating cheese and fruit that reads, “Imagine not liking me and I’m just at home doing this.”

The Biebers’ pregnancy has predictably attracted all the online vitriol that nearly everything they do together or separately does, including, more recently, droves of social media users accusing Hailey of everything from stealing Rihanna‘s pregnancy fashion to the two staging paparazzi photos of Justin planting a kiss on Hailey’s baby bump in the rain in Japan this week. (Would either of those things really be so bad???) But now, no matter what anyone says about Justin and his skincare product-shilling wife, all I can really do is picture them blissfully eating strawberries and cheese a la Remy the rat in what I can only imagine to be their giant shared kitchen…


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On May 9, the Biebers shared their pregnancy via a short film posted on Instagram, which shows Hailey exposing her baby bump beneath a white lace wedding dress as the two renew their vows. The announcement came after years of frenzied speculation every other week or so since the couple married in 2018 about whether Hailey’s pregnant or whether the two were on the brink of divorce, or perhaps even killing each other.

And Hailey’s never made secret how acutely aware she is of online #discourse and how much she despises it (and probably us). In an interview with GQ from October 2023, Hailey told the outlet that “when there comes a day” that she and Justin are pregnant, “you, as in the internet, will be the last to know,” adding that it’s “hilarious how much people fucking care.”

Fast forward to today, and the Biebers still seem to be talking back to the fans and haters who manage to pester them so (even with all their millions and their ability to fly out to Japan on a whim)—only this time, they’re six months pregnant!

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