What Is Khloé Kardashian Putting in This Tiny Ball Bag

What Is Khloé Kardashian Putting in This Tiny Ball Bag

What did your siblings get you for Christmas? Whatever it was, it was probably more useful than this very small blinged-out Judith Leiber clutch that Kim Kardashian West gifted to her least favorite sister, Khloé. The purse is in the shape of a basketball because allegedly, Khloé has made up with her baby daddy ballplayer, Tristan Thompson. Or perhaps, as one confusing Instagram photo will have you believe, Khloé really does believe that ball is life and this tiny tiny ball lined with orange Austrian crystals was incredibly necessary to her Ball is Life aesthetic. Any day now Tristan and Khloé will be reenacting scenes from Love and Basketball wherein the Leiber clutch will be featured, I just know it. Remember to block with your whole body, Khloé.

The nearly $4000 clutch may be symbolic of Khloé’s love for ball and its players, but exactly how practical is it? Personally, I am anti-clutch but they have come in handy on one or two formal occasions where my usual crossbody bag wouldn’t be appropriate. So what can Khloé fit in her sparkly ball? Probably not much.

While the interior of the clutch seems to be some sort of silvery colored fabric, the exterior shell is hard as a rock (basketball humor) and would limit the bag’s ability to stretch and fit any longer items, like a Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick or lip liner. Maybe Khloé can just pop a sample size of a different lipstick since those are smaller. A set of keys and a few stray bobby pins would also appear to fit in the clutch, but if the fob for Khloe’s car is too big she might have to consider a different bag. There is absolutely no chance in hell an iPhone can fit into the clutch which is probably fine since the Kardashians are often spotted just holding their phones in their hands. Seems like a lot to carry with those long-ass claws but to each her own.

You know what definitely fits in this clutch? A single tampon from the Playtex Sport Compact line. Anything bigger like an average-sized tampon would be far too much. Or if Khloe is feeling earth-friendly, a single Nixit cup which collapses to be pocket-sized.

The bag definitely could not fit any of True’s belongings but maybe if she asks nicely True can borrow one of her mom’s Louis Vuitton bags to store her crayons and snacks. After all, none of those are covered in Austrian crystal so they’re practically worthless.

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