What Would Women Filmmakers Do With Avatar's Budget?


Just ask them. (Hint: It’s not Leap Year In Space.)

A team of women filmmakers put together a film asking that question, plus a couple others. Here’s how they describe the genesis of the project:

This film was born six weeks ago, over dinner, as the filmmakers discussed Kathryn Bigelow’s nomination and wondered why there hadn’t been more women nominated in the category of best director. They spent the rest of the meal on a blackberry looking up articles about the Oscars, Bigelow, and the 3 women who have received the honor previously.

The Oscars are 82 years old, so they canvassed 82 women in film — of various genres, backgrounds, ages and occupations — on what they would do with an unlimited budget, which women have inspired them, and what their proudest professional accomplishment is. Their favorite answers, showing a dizzying range of sensibilities, above.

82 Women [Official Site]

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