What's the Witchiest Font Stevie Nicks Could Have Used for This Note?

What's the Witchiest Font Stevie Nicks Could Have Used for This Note?

Have there been any long-term psychological studies conducted on the font choices people make during times of crisis and uncertainty? Mostly because I’d love to know why Stevie Nicks chose the Monotype Corsiva font in her Monday morning coronavirus correspondence!

If I had no clue that Monotype Corsiva came standard on older versions of Windows, I’d think that Stevie Nicks hand-typed the note she shared on Twitter on Monday morning, imploring everyone to listen to more Harry Styles songs while they wait for her to release new music. Strangely, however: Monotype Corsiva is a font normally reserved for the passive-aggressive throw pillows your aunt has on her leather couch or misattributed “proverbs” shared by your fourth-grade teacher on Facebook. While contemplating this crisis, did Stevie Nicks not have a witchier font she could turn too for her feel-good missive?

Also, maybe my brain has been completely broken, but as someone who grew up staring at the King James Version Bibles poking up from the backs of church pews, don’t those lil’ squiggly lines look like the “Nondenominational Christian birds” that get plastered on church signage and worship music PowerPoint slides?

Anyway, below is a list of witchier fonts Stevie Nicks should consider. This will definitely not be the last heartfelt message she shares with all of us while we’re trapped inside, spinning around, and listening to “Landslide” for the 300th time. The lease she could do is use a good font!

  • Courier New
  • Zapfino
  • Papyrus
  • Curlz
  • Wingdings
  • Brush Script
  • Vivaldi

Just some simple suggestions, really. And while I have you all here, thinking about Stevie Nicks, why not turn our collective attention to the Dixie Chicks cover of “Landslide.” Stylistically, it gives the same energy as Monotype Corsiva—lady selling hand-blown glass dolphins at the craft fair with a dash of middle school drama teacher—but it will definitely make you feel better!

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