What’s Up With Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin?

It's rare these days to get a celebrity couple update that isn't Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, so I hope we all savor this special moment.

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What’s Up With Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin?

The last time I thought of Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin was in February, after I saw Madame Web and said to myself, It’s crazy this film didn’t have a single Coldplay song. Not because they’re dating (or engaged??) but because Johnson’s character, Cassie, seems like she’d definitely listen to Coldplay. I don’t mean this as a compliment or insult, it’s just a correct observation.

I Google at least 127 random celebrity questions a day but, even in my shock over the film’s missed soundtrack opportunity, I did not Google, “Are Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin still engaged?” Maybe my brain was too busy trying to process/recover from/digest Madame Web but my point is, they’ve successfully kept their relationship so private that I barely even remember they know each other, let alone have been dating for years. Alas, for anyone who maybe has recently Googled their relationship, we have an update that they weren’t good…but they’re good now. Huge!

“They’re going strong,” a source told People. “They’ve had ups and downs, but now they’re definitely back on.” OK! Great? I didn’t even know they broke up. I’m curious if someone specifically asked the source about the status of their relationship or if the source just offered this information to anyone who would listen. Either way…good for Chris and Dakota, I guess.

The couple started dating in 2017 and may or may not be engaged. Johnson was first seen wearing an engagement ring in 2020 and, in March, People reported that they “got engaged years ago but were in no rush to get married.” But then Johnson was seen without the engagement ring and then maybe with the engagement ring on a different finger so who knows? Apart from that one source.

In all seriousness, it does feel nice to read a celebrity couple update that doesn’t involve Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, so I am savoring this moment.

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