Where Are All the Butts in Paris Hilton's 'Best Friend's Ass' Video?


The video for Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, and DJ Paris Hilton’s serviceable new club song “Best Friend’s Ass” has a lot of pop culture references, a couple of seconds of Kim Kardashian West from the waist up, and surprisingly few asses.

The video follows two women (looking a lot like 2006, pre-stylist Hilton and Kardashian) who put on magic glasses at a warehouse party that transport them to a better party and turn them into Hilton and Nikita Dragun, a YouTube beauty influencer. The better party features a vending machine that dispenses likes and followers, a dancer wearing Britney’s “Slave 4 U” VMAs outfit, and a stationary Kardashian West, but shies away from delivering the asses promised in the song’s title.

According to Vulture, the video is supposed to be a “satiric look on today’s VIP clubbing and social media life.” But to me, it looks like those glasses create some sort of portal from the unphotoshopped disposable camera days of yore to the Facetuned non-reality of 2019 while concluding that both are equally vapid?

Or it could just be a song about how nice it is to have a friend with a great ass. Either way, more butts would have been welcome.

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