Which Wide-Eyed Simpson Looks Brighter?

  • A new study suggests that birth order does matter and that older sibs typically have a higher IQ than younger ones. This study was done on men, however. Hopefully when a similar study is done on women, the Simpson sisters won’t be included and skew the results. [CNN]
  • No shit! Women with bad PMS don’t sleep well — this article is filled with a lot of medical mumbo-jumbo, but let’s face it, toe-numbing cramps would keep even a narcoleptic wide awake. [Science Daily]
  • Do women need their own Home Depot, called Her Depot? Does a fish need a bicycle? [Feministing]
  • Women are still loath to call themselves feminists. But could the fourth-wave be gaining traction online? [Newsweek]
  • Women who get vag nips and tucks to improve their sex lives disturb us. A gigantically exposed clit still is useless if your man can’t find it! [MSNBC]
  • Women are dying in childbirth at the same rate as they were in 1990, mostly in developing Third World countries. {MSNBC]
  • Cancer treatments that save many a breast cancer patient’s life may also cause heart disease. [Science Daily]
  • Seed therapy, where a small pellet-sized implant is inserted into a suspicious mass, helps doctors pinpoint the location of tumors more exactly, resulting in more precise removals of breast cancer-causing tumors. [Science Daily]
  • The current time limit for performing an abortion in the UK is 24 weeks into a pregnancy. A recent study has shown that a substantial number of infants can survive after a 24 week gestation. Pro-life advocates are using this new data to try to lower the limit to 20 weeks. [Telegraph]
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