Who Royally Screwed Up Your Wedding?

In Depth

Yesterday, Jeb Bush and his wife, Columba, celebrated their 41st anniversary. Mazel to the happy couple! To mark the occasion, ole Jebby shared the single wedding photo they have — along with this pretty amazing story explaining why there’s only one picture of the entire event.

True story: This is the only picture from our wedding. The photographer, my brother Marvin, accidentally rerolled from a Frank Zappa concert. Thankfully, my mom took one photo with a Kodak.

Do you think that sometimes Barbara Bush looks around at her life and wonders how so sensible a woman ended up surrounded by such a motley crew of buffoons?

This week, we want you to tell us about the Marvin in your life. What did Marvin screw up? Was Frank Zappa involved? (Oh please, please, please let there be Frank Zappa involvement.) Did you and Marvin have a big fight over it? Did Marvin apologize? What was the fallout? Are you over it?

We’ll reunite on Thursday to review your best stories and determine a fitting punishment for Marvin.

Image via Shutterstock.

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