Who The Hell Okayed This Ridic Royal Wedding Promo?


Who the hell brainstormed this insane piece of fuckery? Seriously. Someone greenlit this idea. Someone hired not one but three actors: A “mom,” a “daughter,” and a “Brit” for the voiceover. Someone found a bedroom location. Someone created a fake storybook. Someone chose the wardrobe, created the soft, “regular folks at bedtime” lighting scheme. Someone thinks Kate Middleton is a “young girl.” Someone believes Kate and Prince William “decided” to get married “in front of the whole world,” when it’s fairly clear that they don’t have a choice and didn’t invite the global press outlets covering the nuptials. Someone wrote copy in which an innocent child asks of the royal wedding, “Will Matt, Meredith, Al and Ann be there?” Someone spent money on 30 seconds of utter nonsense. Someone is completely delusional.

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