Who Wants to Live in a Replica of Disney's Haunted Mansion? Now's Your Chance


You could own a replica of the Haunted Mansion just in time to throw the most killer Halloween party ever. Theme Park Connection, a company that specializes in selling rare Disney collectibles, has put the 10,000-square-foot home—modeled after the Disneyland attraction—up for sale on eBay for $873,000.

Located in Duluth, GA, the four-story, seven bedroom, six bath mansion (that also includes a matching children’s playhouse, a hot tub, a two-story library, an elevator shaft, and in-law/nanny suite) was custom-built to the dimensions and architectural structure of the real Haunted Mansion, but it is completely livable. Owner and designer Mark Hurt, a Disney contractor, even used the same foundry as Walt Disney had to make the hand-welded iron railings of the balconies. (The image features the Duluth home on the left and the original Haunted Mansion on the right.) You can check out a gallery of the home’s features here.

While the house is currently not decorated, and thus, doesn’t have the feel of the interior of the Disneyland attraction, one of the cooler features is one of the bathrooms that is tricked out to become “haunted” when the faucet is turned on. The lights flicker and dim as a skeleton appears in the mirror and music and a voiceover from the ride pumps through hidden speakers. It’s the perfect dream house for that very specific demographic of Disney fanatic goths.

Haunted Mansion Home [Theme Park Connection via ONTD]

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