WHODUNIT: Show Dog Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances


Readers, we have on our hands a mystery.

Thendara Satisfaction, a.k.a. Jagger, is a three-year-old Irish red setter and show dog. Or rather he was, until he dropped dead shortly after returning home to Belgium from the prestigious Crufts show in Birmingham, England, NBC News reports.

Suspicious enough. But the plot thickens: Shortly afterward, Jagger’s breeder and co-owner Dee Milligan Bott went on BBC Radio and declared foul play. The vet immediately performed a post-mortem, and “She found—and this is what we’ve been told—she found an undigested piece of his beef still in his stomach that had been stuffed with poison which as yet is unidentified and we are waiting now for the toxicology report.” Bott added: “But we are led to believe that there is no doubt that the dog was maliciously poisoned.”

According to Bott, Jagger must’ve eaten the meat at Crufts, and the only time he was left alone was on his bench while other dogs were being exhibited. (Crufts, meanwhile, has issued a statement saying they warned owners not to leave their dogs unattended, the Telegraph reports.) But she doesn’t believe it was a competitor or fellow dog enthusiast: “I can only imagine that it was a random act that somebody premeditated and wanted to cause total distress at the best dog show in the world. It’s not unknown for people to do things like this,” she told BBC Radio.

Her husband Jeremy doubts the culprits will ever be found, the Telegraph says: “You have got people walking around the show so it’s quite easy to feed a dog something like that if you want to poison them.” For their part, the Kennel Club (which organizes Crufts) told the AP they’re waiting for the toxicology report.

So who did it? Could it have been a competitor? A particularly malicious member of the public? Mick Jagger or perhaps his daughter Georgia May? Or perhaps it was just a batch of bad meat? Stay tuned to find out.

Photo via AP.

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