Whoopi Does Not Want to Talk About Bennifer Anymore

Whoopi Does Not Want to Talk About Bennifer Anymore
Screenshot:The View

On Tuesday’s episode of The View, host Whoopi Goldberg moderated a conversation about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s recent stint in Montana. Well—moderated isn’t really the right word for what happened, because she pretended to sleep for most of the discussion.

As is her job, Whoopi asked her co-hosts what they thought of the ongoing newscycle concerning the re-emergence of the once power couple. Within seconds, it was clear she had checked out. There wasn’t the usual glimmer in her eyes, seen most visibly when she and producers have led Meghan McCain to the slaughter. No, there was nothing but death and sadness behind her bespectacled gaze, as she droned through the teleprompter transcript. (Note: The below video has been condensed.)

Honestly, I admire the confidence in openly pretending to nap through a Zoom meeting. The rest of her co-hosts can’t say anything either, because she’s Whoopi! She runs this show, and if she’s gonna nap, she’s gonna nap.

Oh, and while I have everyone’s attention, can I be honest about something I’ve been hiding for a few weeks now? I’ll give it a second before I plunge the knife in… I don’t care about Bennifer at all. Whoopi, I’m with you!

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