Who's Buying Music, Is It You?

It’s no secret that few people actually go to a record store and buy CDs anymore, but someone is still buying music. Young people, old people, men, women … who is financially supporting the artists that we are forced to endure during all of these award shows?

Over at BuzzFeed, writer Reggie Ugwu dug into who is purchasing what, and reportedly, middle-aged people really like CDs and they are buying the fuck out of them.

61% of people who buy CDs are 36 years old and older, according to MusicWatch’s estimate. Ten years ago, that figure was just 36%. Back in 2004, people over 50 made up just 19% of the CD buying population, but today they’re more than a third.

Tom Petty, Sia and Weird Al Yankovic should write those people thank you notes for pushing them up the Billboard charts.

Elsewhere, teenagers don’t buy as many tunes as people think, accounting for only seven percent of CD sales and just 12 percent of downloads — that means adults are buying Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande albums. Also, dudes used to buy most of the digital downloads, but now women buy around 54 percent of digital albums.

My questions is to you Kinja commenters are:

  • Do you buy music?
  • If so, do you purchase CDs or just buy albums from iTunes? (not including records you didn’t want like that U2 album everyone’s complaining about …)

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