Who’s the Himbo-iest Real Housewives Boy Toy?

Every society lady loves a young piece of arm candy... we just wish they could do better than these guys


It’s honestly surprising that so many Real Housewives choose older husbands when they could parlay their reality TV fame and influencer status to pull some hot young boy toy off the street. Why have an 81-year-old scammer when you could have a 26-year-old with a receding hairline, a dirty apartment, and an ill-fitting suit?

So in honor of Himbos Week, we present our picks for the most inexplicably irresistible himbos of the Housewives universe. They’ve got it all (in that most of them have literally nothing):

There’s Steve, Danielle Staub’s much younger boyfriend from Season 1 of New Jersey, whom she bragged about for one episode and then immediately declared was too young and didn’t know how to treat a woman right.

We also have Harry Dubin, the man most notable for bedding no fewer than four New York housewives. Though he is in his early 50s, his ex-wife Aviva said they broke up because he was a party animal, he pulled Sonja along for an entire season, and was caught sucking Ramona’s face in public. We don’t really know anything about Harry’s job or how smart he is, but the mere fact that so many housewives think he’s a sexy beast is enough to place him in boy toy territory.

In the “young and condescending” himbo category we have Adam, Carole’s boyfriend (and LuAnn’s niece’s ex) from RHONY. He started out as a vegan chef, and then I think was a photographer at some point? And really just lounged around Carole’s apartment for the better part of two seasons.

Finally, the ultimate Housewives himbo is Denise’s husband, Aaron, from Beverly Hills. This guy is not only huge with long flowing hair and rides a motorcycle, but he also might believe magnets can cure cancer, and he admitted to having sex with Denise in his office the day they met. Himbo hall of fame!

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