Why Are We Suddenly Acting Like We Can Trust What the Sex and the City Cast Tells Us?

Remember when they shot all those fake scenes? Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth's new pics of a happily married Carrie and Big mean NOTHING.

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Why Are We Suddenly Acting Like We Can Trust What the Sex and the City Cast Tells Us?

In a move that would seemingly contradict previous reports that Chris Noth would not be reprising his role as Mr. Big in HBO Max’s upcoming Sex and the City sequel series, And Just Like That, Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker posted pics of themselves in character on Instagram—wedding bands and all!

“These two,” Parker captioned her pic, per Us Weekly. “I bet they stay out all night.

“Together again!” Noth captioned his.

So, it looks like Noth will be reprising his role on the show and that Big and Carrie and still together?


Or perhaps RIGHT.

But definitely WHO FUCKING KNOWS.

For all we know, these are flashbacks they’re shooting, which would explain the scene the two actors shot a few days ago while not wearing their characters’ wedding bands, Us reports. Or maybe they’re just faking us out like the SATC cast and crew did with all those fake scenes they shot back in the day to keep the franchise’s various twists and turns under wraps? The point is, this means nothing. Stop acting brand new!

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