Why Did Kim Kardashian Just Tell Us Her Body Fat Percentage?

In the immortal words of her sister, Kourtney: "Kim, there’s people that are dying."

Why Did Kim Kardashian Just Tell Us Her Body Fat Percentage?
Photo:Angela Weiss / AFP, @kimkardashian (Getty Images)

The content mines have officially been exhausted in at least one Hidden Hills mansion: Kim Kardashian has publicly shared her body fat and bone density stats—which absolutely no one asked for—via her Instagram stories.

“Look who pulled up, They measure your bone density and body fat percentage & all the good stuff to make sure you are fit and healthy,” the mogul posted on Wednesday, with a photo of the Bodyspec van that stopped by to measure her body fat.

Kardashian shared that she’s lost more than six percent of body fat in the last year, dropping from 25 percent to 18.8 percent at 41 years old. A technician from Bodyspec also told Kardashian that her bone density is definitely something to write home about: Kardashian’s bones, according to this scan, are stronger than those of 93 to 97 percent of people. This puts lil Kimberly Noel Kardashian in the “athlete” category!

And why shouldn’t she be in the athlete category? As a woman whose made her body her sellable stock, Kardashian has worked hard. She’s got access to surgeons, personal trainers, home gyms, frequent (if not round the clock) childcare, preventative healthcare, quality food and ingredients, probably a private chef. I would hope all that effort and expenditure is paying off. (If not, I would for sure want a refund.)

We already knew, of course, that Kim has been very into publicly losing weight lately. She bragged about having lost 16 pounds in 21 day to squeeze into that iconic Marilyn Monroe dress for the Met Gala. Tone deaf? Maybe. People who care about the zeitgeist might see bragging about more lost weight as the wrong thing to do right now, considering that teenagers die of eating disorders trying to look like certain celebrities they admire. But not Kim! She lost that weight and she strengthened those bones and she has a content calendar to fill! So really, it’s your fault for bringing up the fact that Kardashian literally got her abs lasered this week to be tighter. She’s an athlete, and athletes gotta make sacrifices.

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