Why Music Stan Account @PopCrave Called the Election Before Every Major Outlet

Why Music Stan Account @PopCrave Called the Election Before Every Major Outlet

As the stress of Election Day rolled over into an election week, most news outlets held off from calling Joe Biden as the President-elect, considering the uncertain fate of many swing states still counting ballots. Except, that is, for the Twitter account @PopCrave. The aggregated music account, which posts seemingly random updates about a wide variety of pop acts like Ariana Grande and BTS, sharing chart positions for hit songs and stars’ personal TikTok updates, called the election for Biden early last Friday morning—before CNN, before MSNBC, before The New York Times. Where else can I find out who the next President is AND what music the TikTok Ocean Spray man is currently vibing to?

Immediately, @PopCrave’s confident decision to call the election attracted a wave of slightly confused but intense support. In an email to Jezebel Pop Crave owner Will Cosme said that the account was following the election through the account @DecisionDeskHQ, who they tagged in the tweet. At a certain point, the Twitter bible of pop girlies everywhere felt that it was time to call it.

“The outcome had been apparent for a while, so there was no reason for us to stall, the same way cable news was doing,” Cosme says. “Pop Crave is independent, we did not have an incentive to drag it out for so long.”

“Politics is not new to Pop Crave, but it was definitely risky as many people in the general public believe we only do pop music news,” he adds. “Pop Crave is still very focused on entertainment news, and we dabble in politics when we feel like we have a responsibility to inform our audience,” he writes. Cosme says he’s appreciative of the support around the tweet, especially from members of Stan Twitter and the K-pop community.

Watch your back, AP Politics.

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