Why This Bird’s Beauty Matters


Birds in general are beautiful creatures, but there’s one hot bird in particular that’s captured the heart and soul of Brooklyn, America. We’re talking The Painted Bunting.

This hot bird is currently out of its element flitting around Prospect Park, to the delight of creepy area bird enthusiasts. It’s normally seen in Florida or Mexico around this time of year. The New York Post reports:

At least 100 avian enthusiasts a day are showing up at the park’s LeFrak Center to see the Florida tweeter — called a painted bunting — with its multicolored plumage.
“A lot of people are losing their s–t over this bird,” crowed Doug Gochfeld, a birding-tour leader.

Well, what a bird. Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless.

No denying: The bird is hot. But of course it’s a male bird—a bird man—that’s inspiring such unadulterated envy. Ornithologist Paul Sweet told Gothamist, “The last time a Painted Bunting was seen in Brooklyn was in March of 1999 and that was a drab female not the multicolored male that is being seen in Prospect Park.”

Figures. Had it been a female Bunting, life would be different. Here’s what the Jezebel staff thinks the headlines would read:

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Jezebel contacted the Painted Bunting for comment. It responded with: “CAW!”

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