Woman Checks 81 Pounds of Marijuana at Oakland Airport


Authorities must have had a field day when they arrested 26-year-old Anastasia Murdock last week. The woman was catching a flight to Jackson Mississippi and checked three suitcases full of marijuana, carrying a combined weight of 81 pounds.

81 pounds. Roughly 37 kilos. Of a controlled substance. Sigh. According to OpposingViews:

The vacuum-sealed packages were found after she checked in at 6 a.m. The contents would be worth about $100,000 on the street, authorities said…According to police, the Jackson native did not reveal why she had so much marijuana or why she was transporting it to Mississippi.

TSA found the packages and promptly notified the local authorities—Murdock is currently being held on $230,000 bail.

But at this point, does it even matter why she had so much vacuum-sealed weed on her all at the same time in an attempt to move it across the country on a commercial airliner? One can only hope that the woman purposefully allowed herself to be caught as part of some bigger elaborate plan because, damn. It takes some kind of nerve to make TSA (as a body, not as the individual agents) look like a functional contingent of security.

Image via AP.

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