Woman Fatally Shot In Scary Sex Game


An Oklahoma man allegedly killed his wife last week as part of a “sexual fantasy involving a gun.”

Arthur Sedille, 23, reportedly shot his 50-year-old wife Rebecca Sedille in the head on December 21 — he called 911, but she was pronounced dead at the hospital. Sedille now faces murder charges. The Smoking Gun has an affidavit for the case, which reads, in part,

The calling party, Arthur Sedille, who is the victim’s husband, advised that he accidentally shot his wife in the head while they were having sex. During a follow-up interview with Arthur Sedille, he advised this detective that he and his wife often engage in sexual fantasy involving a gun. Arthur Sedille advised while engaged in this fantasy this evening, he retrieved a handgun from a shelf beside the bed, racked the slide back causing the gun to cock and then placed the gun to his wife’s head and the gun discharged. He stated he did not realize the gun was loaded until the gun went off.

The Smoking Gun also helpfully links to Sedille’s Facebook page, which lists some of his activities as “Jagermeister,” “Jesus Christ,” “AK-47,” “Smith & Wesson,” and, somewhat puzzlingly, “Bald Eagles.” So while it’s possible that “we were playing a sex game” is part of some really bad defense strategy, Sedille certainly does seem like a firearm enthusiast. And now he’s an example to everyone: if your sexual practice involves a gun, you’d better make really fucking sure it isn’t loaded.

Man Kills Wife During Fantasy Sex Gunplay [The Smoking Gun]
Oklahoma Man Says Wife’s Death Was Sex Fantasy Accident [CNN]

Image via CNN

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