Woman Finds Swastika Cooked Into McDonald's Burger Bun

In Depth

A Morehead City, North Carolina woman was really not expecting her McDonald’s order to be served with a side of genocidal iconography.

Unfortunately, when Charleigh Matice found the above cooked into her McDonald’s burger bun with butter, those hopes were dashed. After she brought it to the manager, he apologized and offered her a full refund, so good for him for taking it seriously.

Everyone about to shout “FAKE” despite the photo evidence: McDonald’s has officially confirmed that this is real. The franchise owner, Dulcy Purcell, publicly apologized and announced that the employee responsible had been fired.

So, yes, a satisfactory conclusion has been reached here (and if you don’t think someone should get fired for this, please get out of the gene pool). But here’s my guess: this wasn’t some hardcore McDonald’s neo-Nazi, it was probably some dumbass teenager who didn’t comprehend what they were doing. Don’t get me wrong, the kid’s firing is still absolutely justified (assuming it’s a kid), and teaches them an important lesson, namely “don’t do horrible things because you somehow think it would be funny.” It’s also more than likely whoever this was had done it before — an informal survey of “people I shouted at on gchat”* confirmed that most people who eat fast food don’t dissect their sandwiches prior to their meal.

But it’s equally important to remember that people are going to do crap like this unthinkingly unless someone near them calls them on it. So next time you hear a friend make some bullshit racist statement while trying to be funny, or appropriating a ludicrously awful symbol like a swastika for some dumb joke-that-isn’t-even-a-joke like this, tell them they’re being a douche. I’m not saying you should stone them, but if people close to you are saying stuff that bothers you, don’t just let it slide by because you don’t want to have an argument. Say something.


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