Woman Is Not Sleeping With Prince Harry After All


Prince Harry, who has been hanging out in San Diego of late, stirred up quite a fuss this week when it seemed like he might be dating a cocktail waitress he met who looks EXACTLY like Kate Middleton. (Well, exactly in that they are both white and have brown hair, but close enough.) But now his rumored “girlfriend,” Jessica Donaldson is speaking out and saying that they aren’t an item.

“Harry is a real-life Prince Charming. He is so sweet. In fact he was kind of goofy with me. I really like him but I am speaking out now because I want people to know the truth. I am not sleeping with Prince Harry and he has never been anything other than a total gentleman to me.”

Whoa. Why does it sounds so weird to have someone say it in such blunt terms? Anyway, at least she’s honest. Also, FYI, she has a boyfriend of three years who was probably totally fine with her going to brunch with Prince Harry, the most sought-after man in the land.

“We hung out, had breakfast, talked and I thought how cool it was to be with an English prince. He is a guy who doesn’t want to be treated differently even though he’s a prince, but, of course, people do treat him different. Nothing happened between me and Harry. It’s important people know the truth.”

Indeed it is so, so important that we know the truth.

Prince Harry Cocktail Waitress: ‘We’re Not Dating’ [Digital Spy]

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