Woman Suing Sperm Bank Over Biracial Baby Has Lawsuit Thrown Out 


Jennifer Cramblett, the white woman who sued a sperm bank for accidentally impregnating her with the sperm of an African American man, has lost her lawsuit.

In 2014, Cramblett filed a lawsuit claiming that Midwest Sperm Bank had given her the wrong sperm, mistaking a black donor for a white donor. Though the sperm bank acknowledged their mistake and gave Cramblett and her partner a refund, Cramblett sued for “wrongful birth and breach of warranty, citing the emotional and economic losses she has suffered.” The suit indicated that “raising a mixed-race daughter” had caused undue stress and pain for the family.

But on Thursday, a judge decided that Cramblett’s suit had no merit. The Washington Post reports:

“Attorneys for the sperm bank had argued that “wrongful birth” suits typically apply to cases where the child is born with a birth defect that doctors should have warned parents about; in this case, the child was healthy. Cramblett had also sought damages for a “breach of warranty.” The judge rejected both claims but said that Cramblett could refile the suit as a “negligence claim…”

Cramblett was seeking $50,000 in damages.

Image via AP.

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