Woman Uses Nunchuks to Fight Off Violent Ex-Boyfriend


Nunchuks really don’t get used often enough, it seems, which is a shame because Michelangelo was clearly the most rad Ninja Turtle. Then again, people would probably only deploy their nunchuk skills when faced with a really threatening adversary, which is what happened when woman in Winslow, Maine was forced to fend off her drunken ex-boyfriend in the most totally ninja way possible.

According to police, Christopher Rolling Fox was arrested last weekend on seven charges, including criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, after busting into his ex-girlfriend’s home, threatening her with a knife, and preventing her from calling the police. Lt. Josh Veilleux provided a written account of the prolonged attack, during which Fox allegedly shoved, kicked, and punched the woman, knocking her into the refrigerator and preventing her from leaving the apartment. That’s when the report takes a turn towards the ninja — the woman said that she grabbed a pair of nunchuks (because who doesn’t have some Sonny Chiba movie memorabilia lying around?) and struck Fox several times.

The nunchuks didn’t do much — Fox pinned her against a wall, but, after some more scuffling, the woman was able to flee the apartment.

Police: Woman used nunchuks to fend off ex-boyfriend [Portland Press Herald]

Image via Izzat Bahadirov/Shutterstock.

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