Woman's Angry Note to Bike Thief Catches Attention of Good Samaritan


Here is a heart-warming tale of how writing a very angry letter and taping it to a public amenity can restore your faith in the good of society. Some horrible bike thief stole the $700 bike of Olgi Freyre, a 19-year-old part-time student in Chicago, while she was at work, just trying to support herself.

Enraged, she wrote this missive and taped it to the bike rack:

To the piece of shit that stole my bike from this bike rack,
Do you know how hard I worked to buy that bike? Actually, you stole it WHILE I was at work. I’m 19 and paid for that completely out of my own pocket. I work 40 hours a week. I go to school part-time. That bike was my only form of transportation, you fucking asshole. I don’t even have a phone with a camera on it! So, I don’t care who you are or where you’re from but you just stole something from a person who dedicates her time to making her life better rather than going around stealing shit. So, fuck you. And if I ever figure out how you are all 100 lbs of me is going to kick your stupid ass.

The note caught the attention of Bob Curry, a stranger with a kind heart who was familiar with the pain and frustration of having one’s bike stolen. He reached out to Olgi (how? The article is unclear. Maybe he posted a note on a different bike rack. Maybe he tracked down the thief, tattooed a note into his chest, and left him on Olgi’s stoop). Then, Curry and his daughter took Olgi to a bike store to buy a new bike.

“They were both super amazing people that sort of restored my hope in society,” says Freyre. She was not looking for sympathy or a new bike when she wrote the note — she just wanted a place to vent her frustration anonymously. “I felt like it was the only thing that I could really do, you know, just to get my anger out.” Girl, we have all been there.

Freyre says that Mr. Curry wasn’t the only person to offer to help her: “People have been offering me money, and bikes, and just like a lot of crazy stuff.” People are so good at heart! (If someone offers you a camera phone, Olgi, you should definitely take it.)

She adds, “I’m super-excited and stoked. It’s pretty awesome. I’m just really happy, and excited. It’s been an awesome, weird story.”

“Angry Note to Thief Prompts Good Samaritan to Buy Woman a New Bike” [CBS]

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