Women Get Asked Stupid, Sexist Questions on the Red Carpet 


Upworthy has compiled a super cut of actresses being asked solely about their clothing and weight. Perhaps being asked, “Who are you wearing?” is less offensive than some of the questions thrown ScarJo’s way while promoting The Avengers. “Were you able to wear…undergarments?” some clueless interviewer asks. “You’re like the fifth person that’s asked me that,” Johansson shoots back while rolling her eyes. Jeremy Renner averts his eyes and looks really uncomfortable.

Anyway it’s an interesting reminder that the red carpet gauntlet is seemingly designed to reduce women to fabric, jewelry, and manicures — a kind of lesson in objecthood. And indeed actresses in particular are asked routinely stupid questions — Johansson calls them “rabbit questions” at one point — as part and parcel of the Hollywood spectacle.

But since it’s an Upworthy video, let’s end on a positive note: At least actresses get honored at award shows, unlike women directors or screenwriters.

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