Wonder Woman Returns With Resurrected Chris Pine, Great 1980s Fashion


The trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 dropped over the weekend, and it has everything: a New Order soundtrack, Kristin Wiig’s gold wire-rimmed glasses, Pedro Pascal not in a helmet, and Chris Pine, somehow not dead even though (spoiler alert!) his character drove a big bomb into the sky nearly 70 years before this film’s supposed to take place. I guess they’ll explain that in the movie?

Patty Jenkins, who directed 2017’s Wonder Woman, is back in the director’s chair for the sequel, which was supposed to come out this month but got pushed to next spring. IMDB still lists this one as “plot unknown,” so I will deduce what I can from the trailer: Chris Pine not dead (maybe), Gal Gadot gets a new costume, we visit the White House, Kristin Wiig trades in those dope glasses for a sexy outfit and goes Bad, Pedro Pascal abandons Baby Yoda in space to take over Earth, and probably nobody looks around and says, “Hey, it’s 1984, do you think now might be a good time to get a jumpstart on stopping climate change before it’s too late?”

Wonder Woman 1984 is out on June 5.

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