Wow: This Pregnancy 'Belt' Lets Dads Feel Their Babies Kick


Pregnancy is a woman’s time to get all the attention and do whatever she wants. Embrace your inner Kim Kardashian and eat a bunch of cheesy fries from In-N-Out Burger. Yell at the man who impregnated you to get you deep fried pickles and Cool Ranch Doritos from the comfort of your couch. Wear a neon pink mumu for weeks at a time. You are creating a wee little person in your belly and everyone else comes second to that process. But guys are feeling left out. They don’t get to experience the joys of motherhood, like morning sickness and feeling like a waterbed (even though many men experience “sympathy pains” with their pregnant partner). So Huggies created something for dads so they can stop feeling so bummed and left out all the time: A “pregnancy belt” that replicates their child’s kicks in real time from mom’s belly.

When dudes felt their bionic babies kick and turn about for the first time, everybody got all teary-eyed and it was beautiful. And the moms looked at their baby daddies and were all, “Welcome to my life, asshole. This thing can get really fidgety in there sometimes.”

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