Y/N: This Is Kelly Clarkson's (Mediocre) Heartbeat Song


N: Get this Kelly Clarkson song out of my head. “Heartbeat Song” is a screamer, not that great on first listen, and yes, you’re right, it does sound like that Jimmy Eat World song. “This is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it,” she sings. I’m not (ha). [Idolator]

Y: There’s a slow, imaginary body roll happening (not by me) to the tune of Slow Motion.” I know this is Trey Songz’s forte, but it’s still unexpectedly sexy, the hook especially. Listen and agree with me. [Miss Info]

N: Fallout Boy’s “Uma Thurman”—it’s about dancing like Uma Thurman?—is giving me Maroon 5. Give me a few more listens, maybe it’ll turn to a Y. I think I’m too generous with my yesses. [Billboard]

Y: Ciara’s post-breakup comeback record “I Bet” contains lyrics such as: “You thought the grass was greener on the other side/ I bet you start loving me/ Soon as I start loving someone else.” It also features background adlibs that, uh, kinda sound like Future. It could be about Future, but maybe not? It is. This isn’t super hit status, but it’s…Ciara (footnote: her last album was very good). Good job, Ciara. [Billboard]

Y: This Betty Who video for “All of You,” which features convenience store debauchery, makes me want to take a random road trip…to nowhere, singing off-key through tears: “It’s a perfect day for a fight, running after me in the pouring rain, screaming baby you were right.” [Idolator]

Y: Let’s run through the forest together and listen to “Kuku” by London producer Flako because we’re free. I don’t know him, but this is a nice, weird barrage of echoes, vibrations and exciting sounds, or as Fader describes, “the marimbas and horns are pure trap.” [Fader]

Y: The Weeknd sounds off-key on this acoustic version of “Love Me Harder,” but I dig the overall vibe and it’s a cute session. [That Grape Juice]

N: I scare easily, so some of the images in this Flying Lotus video for “Coronus, The Terminator” might give me nightmares, especially paired with the spooky song itself. It’s super dramatic cool art, though. [Fader]

Y: On “Who’s Taking You Home,” Ne-Yo shows he’s still a complete gentleman, even while wooing a future one night stand mid-party: “Hope I’m not coming on too strong/ But you’re way too fly to be alone.” Of course this evolves into a burst of Pitbull-approved synths at the end. [This Is RnB]

Y: Similar to “It Won’t Stop,” which I had in heavy rotation last year, Sevyn Streeter and Chris Brown have serious song chemistry over the skittered beat of “Don’t Kill the Fun.” [Miss Info]

Y: I was all for Willow Smith’s new EP, Interdimensional Tesseract, based on the title alone. “Tesseract” is in my top-100 list of favorite words. The songs itself might put you in a trance, so I think she recorded this while floating through space alone, Gravity like. [Complex]

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