Yep, That’s Me. You Might Be Wondering How I Got Here.

Lying Rep.-elect George Santos (R-N.Y.) stared directly into the C-SPAN cameras Wednesday in a moment straight out of a movie.

Yep, That’s Me. You Might Be Wondering How I Got Here.
Screenshot:C-SPAN (Fair Use)

Rep.-elect and pathological liar George Santos (R-N.Y.) has had an interesting few days at his new job.

After lying about his education, work history, religion, and basically everything else during his campaign, Santos reported to work on Tuesday morning, just as Brazilian authorities announced they would revive a check fraud case against him. And while he’s not technically a member of Congress yet, because Republicans are messy bitches who can’t choose a speaker of the House and thus can’t swear any new members in, Santos is definitely at the Capitol, and he is definitely Doing Things! The sad outcast has spent the last few days:

Avoiding reporters’ questions:

Sitting alone, pretending to scroll on his phone:

Being excluded from a photo of New York’s Republican delegation posing with McCarthy:

Publishing a press release announcing he’d been sworn in despite the fact that it didn’t happen yet (his office, which may be just him, later took it down):

Continuing to avoid questions while admiring the dog of a Congressional staffer who was wearing a tie:

(By the way, here is the dapper dog in question, which Washington Post reporter Dylan Wells shared on her Instagram story):

Screenshot:Instagram/dylanewells (Fair Use)

Lurking behind a group of his fellow congressmen having an intent discussion, while he stares directly at the camera as if he’s a character on The Office:

Lurking behind Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.):

And almost missing his chance to vote, perhaps because he’s gone by the last name Devolder most of his life:

Anyway, somehow Santos found himself in the middle of a gaggle of congressmen who want nothing absolutely to do with him and who are trying to figure out what to do about the fact that none of them can agree on anything. And the man just…gazed a the C-SPAN camera like a John Cusack character in a record-scratch moment. Truly, it was perfect. Let’s all make some more popcorn.

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