Yes We Canberra: No SRS Needed For ACT Gender Marker Change

In Depth

Australians in the Australian Capital Territory no longer need to provide evidence of surgery in order to change their gender marker on birth certificates.

The new law will allow those born in the ACT to modify their birth certificates (and subsequent official documents) either to the opposite binary gender designation (F or M) or to a non-binary gender designation (X).

The Canberra Times reports:

Labor member Yvette Berry told the Assembly the reforms reflected the bravery of people prepared to put their stories on the record. The willingness to share their experiences of frustration, discrimination, powerlessness and indignity had helped people like her walk in their shoes, she said.

Okay, so, uh maybe they’re not “all fucked” after all?

Image via Jason Benz Bennee/Shutterstock.

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