You Can Stop Begging Now: Justin Beiber Recorded a Song with His Mom

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Hey, music dudes! What’s better than a new Justin Bieber single? How about a new Justin Bieber single with also too his mom singing there on it too for no reason!!!!??!?! Is this birthday-Christmas?

Pattie Mallette tried her hand at singing alongside her son and tweeted, “That was the BEST night of my life @justinbieber you were SO sweet to me & I had so much fun #ILoveYou.”
She added, “Amazing night recording my first song. Thank you so much for writing it love!”
The Biebs snapped an Instagram video capturing her singing in the studio for his beliebers to see.
“Got my moms courage enough to get in the booth for the first time she sounds so good,” he wrote.
He later posted a snapshot of the two of them hugging and captioned it, “What did I do mom, love you.”

No, JK. This family is annoying, but this is cute. As a lady who misses her musician dad a lot, this is cute. [E!]

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