You Need to Check Out This Amazing Webcomic for Sex Toy Reviews


Last year, artist and cartoonist Erika Moen launched Oh Joy, Sex Toy, a site dedicated to providing reviews of sex toys in the form of funny, delightful, and beautifully drawn comics. But in the last year-and-a-half, her site has grown to be much more than sex toy reviews.

At Oh Joy, Sex Toy (link NSFW) Moen offers a diverse and open approach to all kinds of sex for all kinds of people. While she includes a cartoon version of herself as a narrator in her reviews, each toy review stars a different “masturbateer” who she depicts actually using the toys. Every masturbateer is different—different ethnicity, hair, body type, boob shape, labia type, you name it. Moen tells Laura Hudson at Wired:

“It’s super important to see yourself in the media you consume, especially in the sex world,” says Moen. “I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people who saw a figure similar to them in the comic being sexual, and it meant a lot for them to see their body being sexual and it being positive.”

Oh Joy, Sex Toy also offers a series of sex ed comics, ranging from “How to Eat Pussy/Suck Cock” to “How to Be a Good a Strip Club Patron” to various forms of contraceptives. Hers is a brilliant and visually charming approach to sex positivity.

“If I can help people think about sex in a healthy, helpful, educational way, that’s awesome. People need to know how their bodies work, that sex should not be painful, and especially if they are women, that they are entitled to pleasure.”

If you want to check out her work, her review of the Doxy and her advice on how to properly take a sexy selfie are great places to start. They may be cute cartoons, but they’re still probably NSFW.

Screengrab via Oh Joy, Sex Toy.

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