Your Essential Oils Are Leaving The World In Ashes


The UK is on fire, and ladies are to blame. Or, to be slightly more precise, essential oils in linens washed at low temperatures have caused a “spate” of house fires around Britain, according to the Telegraph.

They ominously report that “women buying fashionable essential oil burners are being blamed for a growing number of house fires, authorities have warned.” The number of these house fires: About half a dozen. The scourge is also happening in places where women have been known to haunt: beauty salons. Laundromats. Homes!

The Telegraph blames all this on an unquantified “sharp increase” in the sales of scented oils, by lavender-crazed women who don’t care what sort of destruction their girlish recklessness leaves in their wake.

However, this is always good to know: “When the wash has been at 40 degrees [Celsius] or above, the oil residue is more likely to be safely broken down by the washing detergents.”

Women Buying Essential Oils Blamed For Rise In House Fires [Telegraph]

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