Your Morning Pick Me Up: A Coffee Shop Where People Pay for Other Customer's Drinks


I firmly believe that, often, people are the absolute worst. We terrorize the earth and other animals and we just do many, many shitty things. However, at Coffee Perk in Bluffton, South Carolina, people are proving me wrong that people are the worst.

About two years ago, a woman who wishes to remain anonymous, started it all off by leaving a hundred bucks to pay for drinks until the money ran out. People who came after her were shocked, and pleasantly surprised. Others caught on and started doing the same thing. And the original woman? She stops by every once in awhile and drops off another hundo. What a gal.

The fact that Coffee Perk didn’t just pocket the money makes them better coffee shop employees than I was in my teens. And the fact that the community picked up on it is absolutely charming. Yay, humanity!

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