Your Netherlands Weed Tour Has Officially Been Canceled


Everyone knows why the Netherlands is a popular vacation spot for young people, but if you’re planning a trip you may need to remember the names of those landmarks you told your mom you were dying to see. Apparently the Dutch government isn’t pleased with its druggie reputation, because it’s cracking down on tourists seeking marijuana.

The Dutch government recently announced that “coffee shops” that sell marijuana will turn into private clubs for citizens only, the L.A. Times reports. Membership will be limited to 1,500 at each of the country’s roughly 220 coffee shops, and customers will have to sign up for year-long memberships. The plan is part of an effort to promote health and fight crime in the Netherlands. Lawmakers say the crack down will “tackle the nuisance and criminality associated with coffee shops and drug trafficking,” so really your inability to “maintain” is partially to blame.

Critics say the move will only push the drug trade underground, and severely hurt tourism. We disagree on that last point. Sure, you may have visited the country years ago, but have you ever seen Amsterdam not on weed?

Netherlands: Pot Shops To Be Off Limits To Foreign Tourists [LAT]
Dutch Government To Ban Tourists From Cannabis Shops [Reuters]

Image via Amihays/Shutterstock.

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