You're A 'Tecnho-Dunce'


This scene from a short ’80s film (that once appeared on MTV!) highlights the frustrations of a young girl at the computer lab. She, apparently, is what some bully’s Dad calls a “techno-dunce.” Obviously this leads to the classroom teacher bringing the boy to the principals office; when she shuts the door behind her, and the kids launch into what’s possibly the most ridiculous musical number ever portrayed in film. I’m not sure how the theatrics helped to teach the young lady how to get over her fear of computers — or even use them at all — but I suppose the collective bullying by a classroom of peers through songs is enough to get anything accomplished.

An aside: was it mandatory to wear thick-rimmed glasses in a computer lab back in the 80s, or is this just some friendly, dweeb-stereotyping?

[Laughing Squid]

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