10 Things You May Have Missed On TV


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, the legends are dominating our TV sets. Liza Minnelli laughs at her encephalitis! Barbara Walters eats a feather boa! Elaine Stritch yells at a studio audience! Aretha Franklin scratches her butt!

1.) Liza with a zing.
Liza Minnelli was on Oprah this week, where she cackled about various things like her knee replacement, brain encephalitis, and marriage to David Guest.

2.) Elaine Stritch is still a salty bitch.
She doesn’t like when people interrupt her jokes about hookers.

3.) Anna Nicole Smith is still wasted on TV.
This previously unseen home video—of Anna off her tits while bathing daughter Dannielynn—shot just two months before she died of a dug overdose, was used as evidence in the case against Howard K. Stern and those other people that were keeping the late Trimspa spokeswoman on doped up, despite the the knowledge that she was an addict. I’m guessing Howard filmed this. He’s a druggie, too, right? I mean, come on. Nobody in their right mind would let an infant go into a tub of water with the lady who the lady who can barely slur through the ironic words, “I’m clean,” let alone treat the incident as though it were a happy memory that should be filmed and saved for posterity.

4.) Snooki teaches David Letterman how to beat up the beat.
She also revealed the ingredients of Ron Ron Juice:

5.) Bristol Palin’s milkshake.
Clearly, the best part is that she’s in a Sarah Palin costume while doing it. This—and her ode to abstinence-only education in her song choice, “Mama Told Me Not to Come”—has demonstrated that she, like her mother, is proving to be a delicious source of unintentional hilarity.

6.) Gordon Ramsay doesn’t want to look at boobs while eating.

7.) Judge Judy was not amused with intense rubbernecker.

Actually, she hated him so much at the end of the case that she awarded the plaintiff the maximum amount of $5000.

8.) How Barbara Walters parties.
While celebrating the 3000th episode of The View, she decided to eat a feather boa.

9.) Andy Cohen’s parents.
They stopped by Watch What Happens for a brief visit. His dad wore a fancy blazer for the event. His mother didn’t seem impressed.

10.) Aretha Franklin scratches her butt.
The singer appeared on PBS and asked everyone to join her in “standing by PBS”—while she was sitting down the whole time, picking at her crotch and scratching her butt.

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