10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Whoopi Goldberg farts on Barbara Walters, Billy Bush pick pockets Oprah, and Kara DioGuardi gets high on Paula Abdul’s pot brownies.

1.) Whoopi’s cushion.
This week, when Dr. Oz asked the women who had farted since the show began, Whoopi was the only one to answer honestly—and then she did it again, aiming it at Babs.

2.) Billy Bush mugs Oprah.
While O was standing next to him, talking to some other people, he jokingly suggested to the camera that he reach in her purse and grab something to sell on eBay. Except that when he did, and she didn’t notice and began walking away, it kind of turned into a crime.

3.) Orange is the new nude.
For Chelsea Kane a “nude” fringe suit is actually orange.

4.) Judge Judy is not trippin’.

5.) Zing!
Anderson Cooper put the Kardashian sisters on his Ridiculist because hey wrote a novel and are having a contest allowing the public to name it. He manages to fit in a lot of bitchy jabs.

6.) Sharon Osbourne hates Dr. Drew.
Like really, really hates him. She couldn’t stop talking about how much she hates him, even though Julie Chen knows him and kinda likes him. Sharon married an addict and then had children with him who grew up to be addicts so she knows a thing or two about addiction—but at the same time, you’d think she’d appreciate the fact that Dr. Drew uses his fame to create a platform for talking to and educating people about the disease.

7.) Jack Black left hanging.
When Scott McCreery won American Idol this week he went into the audience to thank his family members, handing out hugs, stopping right at Jack Black.

8.) Blow job lawsuit.
This lady is literally suing her dentist for making her jaw hurt so bad so that she could not “perform” for her husband for a month.

9.) Mannequin bride.
This week’s episode of Taboo was all about prisoners. This guy married a woman who is serving a life sentence. You would think, what kind of man would voluntarily marry someone after she’d been convicted for multiple murders? Well, the kind of man that dresses up a mannequin as a bride and pretends it’s his wife.

10.) Kara DioGuardi accidentally got high at Paula Abdul’s house.
Of course, the pot brownies that were in Paula’s freezer “weren’t hers” and were “left there by someone” but something tells me that it’s very easy to accidentally get buzzed when hanging out at her house.

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