16 & Pregnant: When A Grandma Is A Dope Fiend


The situation surrounding the teenage pregnant couple on last night’s 90-minute season finale was probably the best argument for abortion or adoption that this series has featured, as they had no income, no home, and were forced to live with an opiate addict. Still, the teens chose to raise their child. Allie, a high school senior, moved to Texas to live with her father because her mother, who lives in New Jersey, couldn’t afford to care for her. Allie had been dating her boyfriend Joey, a high school sophomore, for only two months when she discovered that she was pregnant. Her father kicked her out of his house, so she was forced to move in with Joey’s family. Although Allie’s mother promised to help out remotely and come visit when the baby was born, she sent a gift card with a $20 credit and missed the baby’s birth.

Joey’s mother Yolanda is an admitted “pill popper” who has been struggling with opiate addiction for over 10 years. Her behavior is erratic, irrational, and violent. While Allie was seven months pregnant, Yolanda decided that she wanted to have the house to herself for the weekend, so she sent the teens to Joey’s grandmother’s house. While there, she erupted at Allie, charged at her, and began screaming, “I’ll fuck her up, I don’t give a fuck if she’s pregnant!” Later in the week, she kicked both Joey and Allie out of her home permanently, and when they arrived to move out their belongings, she tried to attack Allie again.

Eventually, Yolanda went to a 30-day treatment program, and seemed a bit calmer by the end of the episode. However, only two weeks after their son Aydenn was born, Allie realized that Joey wasn’t up for the challenge of being a father and began to question her decisions. In the After Show, she says that she and Joey are now broken up, she and her son are staying with a friend until she finishes high school (upon which she will move back to New Jersey to be with her mother) and that Joey does not see his child.

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