32-Year-Old Woman Goes to Sleep and Wakes Up Thinking She’s 15 


Back in 2008, a Manchester woman named Naomi Jacobs went to bed as usual, but when she woke up the next morning, she was back in the mind of her 15-year-old self. Jacobs’ last memory was as a teen in 1992, going to sleep in the bunk bed she shared with her sister. This is like Big or 13 Going on 30 come to life!

According to Science of Us, the woman experienced dissociative amnesia, where certain memories become absent while others—particularly motor skills and numbers-related—remain. This could be why she still knew her PIN number and was able to operate a car. Her memory came back about six weeks later.

In a clip from an interview with the BBC, Jacobs talks about how modern tech items like smartphones and high-def televisions reminded her of science fiction films she watched as a child. Her digital TV looked “cartoonish” and the last mobile phone she remembered seeing before a smartphone was basically a giant Zack Morris-style phone. Honestly, if I woke up as 15-year-old me, I’d be stoked. Drinking Orbitz, listening to No Doubt and going to the movies to see The Craft doesn’t sound so bad.

Jacobs has penned a book about her experience, titled Forgotten Girl, which will be out April 23rd.

Image via Shutterstock

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